Differences between a Housekeeper and a House Cleaner

Housekeeper vs. House Cleaner

Often the terms a House Cleaner and Housekeeper are used interchangeably by clients who don’t know that there is a difference between the services offered and expected by each one. A housekeeper or House Cleaner typically cleans the house or helps complete a special project. When you hire a House Cleaner usually, they will supply cleaning products. Housekeepers are provided with cleaning products by the client.

The services of a Housekeeper and House Cleaner are very different. A Housekeeper in general will make beds, clean dishes, clean windows, and run errands (etc.) In some cases, a cleaning company will also provide housekeeping service for an additional fee. Although the goal of any cleaning service is to leave the house looking fresh, clean and comfortable, every cleaning session is customized based on the customer’s requirement and budget. To maintain the integrity of the service, there are duties that are typically included and there are some that may be excluded as well.

Typical Duties of a House Cleaner 
•Sweeping, mopping or washing of the floors, sinks, toilets, tubs, garage entry way, and counters
•Vacuuming the house and everything in it – including rugs, upholstery, carpets, and furniture
•Dusting of surfaces such as the furniture and window ledges
•Cleaning all the surfaces of the bathroom, showers, and kitchen
•Scrubbing and sanitizing of tubs, sinks, knobs
•Cleaning the windows, shining your mirrors, polishing chrome
•Plumping up your couch or seating cushions

A House Cleaner is also highly recommended for carrying out specific tasks. If you require the help of a House Cleaner to perform a more detailed task, remember to ask that the extra time be used elsewhere. A House Cleaner can also clean out your fridge and inside the oven surfaces, or cabinets.

Duties Not Included (Additional Charge)
• Throwing out of garbage
•cleaning inside of appliances, windows, and blinds- This type of cleaning activity usually requires a special request unless the cleaning company offer a flat rate to perform all of the clients request.
• washing the dishes.
•Tidying up the clutter – the customer is expected to do that before the arrival of the House Cleaner to make the best use of their time and skills.
• cleaning or even picking up toys from the floor.


For most customers, making a list of things to be done and setting expectations by effectively communicating that to the cleaning service. It is ideal that you first ensure you understand the difference between a Housekeeper and House Cleaner